Varieties Of Fruits In Nigeria (11 of 13)

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Native Pear (Avocado family) 
 The native pear belongs to the avocado family that originated in America. It is called 'Eben' or 'Ube' in the eastern part of Nigeria where it's commonly found. The tree is tall with a large trunk that produces wax when cut. The fruits which grows in cluster on a single tendril, starts off with a pinkish colour. On maturity, the pinkish colour becomes purplish black and is ready for consumption.  

It could be eaten straight from the tree, roasted to softness with hot ash or enmeshed in hot water. It is usually eaten with freshly roasted or boiled maize. 
Eben (or Ube) has a high food values, very low in sugar, contains fat and protein and is very rich in vitamins. 

Native Pear (Avocado family)