Joy And Sadness

                                                           Life is a mystery,  
                                                          We all have a part,  
                                                          Though we may not know,  
                                                          But all is but money.  

                                                          Come as an Angel,  
                                                          Live as a Queen,  
                                                          Honest as the bee,  
                                                          But all is but money.  

                                                          Make me a queen,  
                                                          Give me thy kingdom,  
                                                          Lend me thy heart,  
                                                          But no part of love.  

                                                          Evil come in multitude,  
                                                          Good come in singles,  
                                                          Anger come in quantity,  
                                                          Peace come in tokens.  

                                                          Let me sing my sorrow,  
                                                          Let me count my joy,  
                                                          Even as you sing this,  
                                                          Love is but a shadow.  

                                                          brownson 27/12/99