my lasting love
     Give me a chance to prove myself
      To prove my endless love for you that is real
      To tell you more about myself, my life
      My love, my dreams and future
      A future of hope for you and for me.

      Give me achance to prove myself
      That I will love you till the end of time
      I will guide you through dangers and sorrows
      I will let you into the secrets of my life
      Because you are so precious to me.

      Give me achance to prove myself
      That I had never known love untill I meet you
      You are to me an angel and godess of true love
      Please my angel do not fail me now
      'Cos my life depends on your love.

      Tell me you love me my angel my queen
      Tell me you will forever remain mine alone
      Tell me all the sweet stories about yourself
      Tell me more about the love that is in you
      'Cos I love to hear your sweet voice.

      Your voice is like the tune of a piano
      Piercing my heart, stopping my life fluid
      I see you every day and every night in my mind
      You are my dreams, my picture in the night.
      Please let me love you as my heart desires.

      Listen to my pleading my love, my queen
      I swear by the moon, the stars and the sun in heavens
      That I will never let you stumble and fall
      I shall love you now and forever
      Because I have always love you.