Nature Is Perfect

                                            I look into the world around me  
                                           Everything seems perfect  
                                           Perfect are the trees around me  
                                           Perfect are the scrubs around me  
                                           The flowers are suprisingly blooming  
                                           Only my life is unusaully sulky.  

                                           Nature is perfect in her nature  
                                           Life is colorful as a reigning rainbow  
                                           Everyone is happy and charming  
                                           So beautiful is everything around me  
                                           I doubt if my life is so colorful.  

                                           My life is all joy and sorrow  
                                           Joyfulness great and sweet  
                                           Sorrow occasionally, yet is there  
                                           I think of myself luckier than most  
                                           'Cos Nature has given me a good nature  

                                           My joy has been my heart...  
                                           My health, my wealth, my life  
                                           Not untill She came into my life  
                                           I look upon her as my source of joy  
                                           My love, my light, my everything