My Real Friend

                                      He gave me what I needed  
                                      Even at the expense of his future  
                                      He listened to my problems without complaint  
                                      Even if he could'nt solve them  
                                      He was like a twin to me  
                                      Caring and enjoying to care  
                                      I will tell the world about.....  
                                      The loveliest friend I ever had.  

                                      Let him through, 'Cos he's my friend  
                                      My real best friend that cares  
                                      Clothe him in linen embroided with gold  
                                      'Cos he gave clothings when I was naked.  
                                      Give him the finest set of gold jewelry  
                                      Wear him a footwear made of tinted leather  
                                      He will dine on the king's table  
                                      'Cos he is the best friend I ever had.  

                       Let the whole world know my friend  
                       Let my whole kingdom worship him  
                       He shall only walk on a floor made of marble stone  
                      And live in a house built with tiles of diamond 
                                      I will proclaim him as one amomg the nobles  
                                      And everyone will honor and respect his wishes  
                                      Treating him like the king's brother  
                                      'Cos he is the real friend I ever had.  

                     Welcome! my brother, my friend  
                     All these I had dreamt of of doing....  
                     For your kindness and love in the past, remember!  
                    You were my friend and still my best friend.
                     Always you had been a real brother that cares.  
                     Come! I will make you a noble among the nobles  
                      I will make thy children prince and princess  
                     Because you were so good to me.