by James "PoppyK" Kisner

Remember when a dad would work and mom would stay at home,
And kids did not run wild because they never were alone.
Remember when the parents cared and they were always there,
And never dropped them off and paid somebody else to care.

Remember when just one income would cover all the bills,
And houses were for living in and not just full of frills.
Remember when one car would do what ever need be done,
And everybody in the house did not need one for fun.

Remember a one car garage just sitting in the back,
And houses did not have three doors just sliding on a track.
Remember when the kitchens had a stove and kitchen nook,
And families ate together because someone had to cook.

Remember when the parents took responsibilities,
And when their kids would act up wouldn't blame it on TVs.
Remember when the kids would play in other generations,
And had to be creative using their imaginations.

Remember in high school they expected you to graduate,
Now they throw a party as if you did something great.
Remember when a person had the drive to get things done,
Now they have to motivate and try to make it fun.

One time a woman's status was her femininity,
Now some think their status is the biggest S.U.V.
One time a man was called a man for being a success,
Today some are just satisfied to leave it to the rest.

There was a time when buying meant you paid for it in cash,
Today before you've paid it off it gets thrown in the trash.
One time  "on credit" meant a house that you were saving for,
Today a credit card is used for groceries at the store.

There was a time when people practiced common courtesy,
Not only when they thought it might help them out financially,
There was a time when seniors were respected while around,
Now if you don't keep up the pace someone may knock you down.

Remember when it didn't seem like such a hectic pace?
Remember when you took the time to look at someone's face?
Remember when you took the time to strike up conversation,
Remember when we took the time to start a new relation.

It didn't seem so stressful then and such anxiety,
It didn't seem we always had some other place to be.
It didn't seem we always had some other place to go,
It didn't seem we all ran ragged running to and fro.

Maybe that's the problem in the modern world today,
Maybe we just run so fast we get in our own way,
Maybe we are trying to accumulate too much,
Always adding, not enjoying and so out of touch.

Bigger, better, faster, newer, never satisfied,
Always looking for some more to keep life well supplied,
With the things that we all think will bring us happiness,
And as we gather treasures, life is what we really miss.

Stressful days and stressful nights, anxiety attack,
Headaches, stomach problems and the nagging lower back.
Trying to blame something else for making us a mess,
But really it is us alone that causes our own stress.

There was a time when life was simple, and can be again,
Stop the hectic running of a race you cannot win.
Just stop the competition and the constant nagging thirst,
Think of others always and don't try to put YOU first.