So! What Happens To Me?

                                      You gave me all the happiness on earth,   
                                      You gave me all the love I ever needed,   
                                      You gave your warm lips for my kisses,   
                                      You let me believe you were my goddess,   
                                      But you went off when I most needed you,   
                                      So! What happens to me.   

                                      Why do you have to leave me now?   
                                      Like the morning dew, you wet my sleep,   
                                      Like sunlight, you shone my life,   
                                      When will you come back to me?   
                                      What will become of me as you are leaving?   
                                      I will rather die than have another love.   

                                      You were my queen even in dreams,   
                                      You were my angel all along,   
                                      You were my comfort even in distress,   
                                      Why are you tired even so quickly.   
                                      When the grasses were becoming greener,   
                                      So! what happens to me.   

                                      I watch my garden everyday,   
                                      Hoping to see a blossom flower,   
                                      But all I'm seeing are wilted ones,   
                                      Even the green leaves of my roses are dead,   
                                      My fresh happy roses has turn sulky.   
                                      And my life even more sulkier.   

                      I have been living in illusious world,   
                      Hoping upon hope on nothing,   
                      Breaking through the rocks to see gold,   
                      Filtering the sand to discover that-   
                      My gold had disappeared only for a brownish sign of tin,   
                      My life, my hope has died away.   

                      So! What happens to me?