Song of The Mind

                                                     I live with my soul,  
                                                     I give with my heart,  
                                                     I love with my mind,  
                                                     But joy is still faraway.  

                                                     I count all my shillings,  
                                                     I have none but few,  
                                                     I rejoice in my poverty,  
                                                     'Cos wealth is but vanity.  

                                                     Let me live in peace,  
                                                     And in joy will I sing,  
                                                     My sorrows, my hurts,  
                                                     And heartbreaks of the world.  

                                                     Live for the future,  
                                                     Cherish your past,  
                                                     Know that happy is you,  
                                                     Who made peace with thy minds.  
                                                                   brownson 27/12/99