The "Main Attraction"
I wander through darkness.   Where am I now?
Where am I going?  You have lost me somehow...
Did You leave me to handle more important things?
I am filled with emptiness.  The pain of it stings.
I have lost my way without Your guiding light.
Like a blind man I wander through the endless night.
When suddenly a bright flash to me does appear.
The pain of it hits me.  You have always been here.
And I know it is ME who has turned away.
I entered this darkness choosing night over day.
I have chased the material; the joys of the flesh
Knowing things of this world with the spirit won't mesh.
I cry and I stumble.  I am filled with great grief
I need Your presenceŠ  It's my only hope for relief.
I want the light of Your love on my face.
I don't deserve it.  It comes only from grace.
Will He take me back? I'm continually falling.
Surely my behavior  to Him is appalling.
I am filled with self pity.  I wallow in shame
When help is as simple as calling His name.
But the words won't come out.  They are choked in my throat.
I'm afraid now to face Him.  Oh how Satan must gloat!
Finally I take just a peek over my shoulder
And with just that slight glimpse, the love blows me over.
He has been patiently waiting!  In spite of my actions
God sees talking to me as one of His "main attractions".
I am humbled but happy that God's saving love
Has been waiting all along to reach me from above.
He wraps His love around me and warmth fills my being
The light of His love nearly blinds me from seeing.
I was never lost, though I was on the wrong path
God was right there to guide me, waiting for me to ask.
So I pray now that God will keep me protected
When I look at Him, His love from me is reflected.
He touches me by using me to touch others.
And His love reflects back to me when I'm touched by another.
It's the only way I've found to make happiness come
Look into the light and from the flesh run.
I know that in time I will once again fall.
But His love will sustain me.  He is Lord over all!
Thank you God for not turning away
May I live in Your presence each and every day.
May I turn to you first when facing my trials
I can face anything when Your love on me smiles.
Free choice can be such a complicated thing.
The wrong choices I make bring death's painful sting.
But a cure for the pain is an instant away
When I call out Your name You come save the day.
Please, Lord protect me  from life's many distractions.
You're all I need.  Please be my "main attraction!"
Help me to choose to always choose You
And I know You will bless me in all that I do...