Your Love.....
                                                     Your love is like the rising sun   
                                                     It shines my life all day   
                                                     Brings the heat and sweat on me   
                                                     And makes me look more than any man.

                                                     Your love is like a full moon   
                                                     That gives me light in the dark world   
                                                     Shines right on my path   
                                                     Letting me see what is ahead

                                                     Your love is like a flying butterfly   
                                                     With many beautiful colors that show   
                                                     It makes me nervous and see one image   
                                                     The image of your beauty and love.

                                                     Your love is like the sound of a piano   
                                                     It pierces through my soul   
                                                     Quickening my blood and feeling one thing   
                                                     Love...... That conquers all.

                                                     Your love is like a true gold   
                                                     It glitters my life all year   
                                                     Makes me happy day after day, reminding me...   
                                                     That you alone.. are my true love.

                                                     Your love is like the honey   
                                                     It is sweet, pure and lively   
                                                     Though the bee stings very painfully   
                                                     But the honey remains sweet.

                                                     People believe love to be like a new dress   
                                                     That faded, come a time   
                                                     But I know your love is steadfast and never fades  
                                                     Cos it is strong, true and binds like glue.

                                                     Though your love is like the rising sun   
                                                     But I hope it will never set down like it   
                                                     I'm content you are my love   
                                                     My future, my hope and life are complete.