Welcome to Brownson HomePage. here you will be introduced to the life of the people of Nigeria in pictures.The culture, the land and people's way of life. You will love the  Poems, free email for you, world news,links to other Nigerian  related sites.  the quotes and teaser section gives you something to think about. Enjoy yourself.
U.S.-China Trade Deal Apparently Has Enough Votes
Bush Seeks Both Missile
Defense, Weapon Cuts
Israel Losing South Lebanon to Hizbollah Advance
U.S. Military Chiefs Unhappy With Nuke Proposal
NASA Pleased With Space Station Air Quality
[more news

Lebanese Celebrate End of Israeli Occupation
Mandela Says 'Landmark Accord' for Burundi Reached
Germany to Streamline Armed Forces


Baobab Project - Harvard University
An investigation into why certain cultures, 
places,he arts, directed by Suzanne Preston 
Blier, Dept. of Fine Arts, Harvard. 
The Project Manager is Michael Roy. 
Has large graphics; it's best toaccess this 
when you have a fast connection.
The web site is a glimpse of the project which 
includes narratives (case studies), an image and 
ethnographic database, and a geographic 
information system. The case studies are: 
Asante political expansion, Batimalliba two-story architecture, Islam and indigenous African cultures, Shawabtis and Nubia, 
Yoruba masking traditions, and Ife, an ancient 
Yoruba city state.http://web-dubois.fas.harvard.

Bastian, Misty L.
Dr. Bastian is Assistant Professor of Anthropology, 
Franklin ? Marshall College, Lancaster, PA. The
web site for her course Peoples and Cultures 
of Africahas information on the Mande, Yoruba, 
and on Cameroon. http://www.fandm.edu/

Blyden (Edward Wilmot) and Africanism 
in America
Essay by Dr. Eluemuno-Chukuemeka R. Blyden,
the great-grandson of Blyden. It is an "introduction 
to Blyden's Africanist ideas and his vision of the role 
of African Americans in the future of Africa." 
"...given at the 1992 Pan African Congress of North
America held in Savannah, Georgia, USA."  Includes
a biographical outline and bibliography. [KF]

Camp, Sokari Douglas
Beautifully done exhibit by the Museum of Mankind
(British Museum, London) of the sculpture of
Kalabari-born artist Sokari Douglas Camp. Her work 
draws on the masquerades of the Kalabari and Yoruba.
Includes a Quicktime movie clip for which you'll need 
a Quicktime viewer. http://www.sokari.arc.co.uk/home.html

Camp, Sokari Douglas - Galerie Peter
Contemporary and traditional African art from
West and Central Africa. From a Stuttgart gallery. 
Includes Sokari Douglas Camp (Nigeria), 
Cheri Samba (Congo-Kinshasa)
with photos of the artists, and others. See the 
artists list. http://www.galerie-herrmann.de

Camp, Sokari Douglas - A Tribute to 
Her Father
"Employing modern sculptural techniques, she
creates large, semi-abstract figurative works
that are inspired
by the sounds, movements and colors of Kalabari 
masquerades, funerals, plays, regattas and festivals.
" Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of
African Art. http://www.si.edu/nmafa/exhibits/sokari/title.htm

Carter Center
"The Carter Center in Atlanta, Ga., is a nonprofit, 
nonp artisan public policy institute founded by 
former U.S.President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, in 1982
." Has Jimmy Carter's reports on the 1999 Nigerian
elections and a 1997 report on Nigeria. A keyword
search of the Center site brings up information 

Centre for Democracy and Development
The Centre, launched Oct. 1997, is a non-
governmental independent research, information and training institution concerned with democratic development and peace
building in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. 
Has the full-text of papers presented at their 
Strategic Planning Workshop on Democratic
Development in Nigeria, November 5, 1997
Based in London. E-mail: cdd@cdd.org.uk

Cities/Buildings Archive
A online digital image archive of cities and buildings
around the world. Includes Nigeria (Nembe State: 
Balyesha State, Catholic Diocese building in 
Ugep, Door in Itapa-Ekiti, houses in Zaria City, 
National Museum of Calabar, Umor Otutu 
Palace, shrines). All files on this site are copyright
controlled. Maintained by Meredith Clausen, 
Professor of Architectual History, Univ. of 
Washington, Seattle. Prof.  Simon Ottenberg is 
Africa section consultant and 
his collection of images will be added.
[KF] http://www.washington.edu/ark2/

Civil Liberties Organisation
"a non-governmental, non-partisan and voluntary
Nigerian human rights league." Has the full-text of 
reports, its journal, Liberty, and its bulletin, 
DemocracyReview, online, press releases. 
Based in Lagos. http://www.ned.org/grantees/clo/index.html

Reuters and AP wire stories on West
African countries,includes also Congo-
Brazzaville, Zaire, and Angola. 
Usenet newsgroup created November 1995

Ross Clayton Ltd. (Lagos) 
Internet service provider in Lagos; provides
e-mail in
nine other Nigerian cities and web site hosting.

CNN Journalist of the Year 1998- Declan Okpalaeke
A Nigerian journalist for The Guardian newspaper 
wins the
1998 award over 180 entrants.. http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/africa/9903/africanawards/

Coalition Against Dictatorship in Nigeria, CAD
The Coalition, based in the US, included students and 
professionals. CAD supported a boycott of Nigerian oil 
and Shell Oil and the seizure of assets of the Nigerian 
military govt. Has Nov. 20, 1995 Nigerian Casefile: 
The Ken Saro-Wiwa-Ogoni Handbook. This is one
message from the nuafrica e-mail list. Kept on Haines 
Brown's history web site. http://www.hartford-hwp

Committee to Protect Journalists
Based in New York city, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit
organization which does not accept govt. funding. Has an 
Africa section and individual country reports
on attacks against journalists. http://www.cpj.org

Constitution - Nigeria- Modern Constitutions Database
The South African research organization, Human Sciences 
Research Council, HSRC, has a Modern Constitutions
Database to enable scholars to analyze and compare 
constitutions. Has the constitution for Nigeria. http://star.

Constitutional Rights Project (Lagos)
The CRP "works to ensure that Nigeria's legislation 
conforms with international human rights standards. 
CRP monitors and reports the human rights situation 
in Nigeria; provides legal assistance to victims of human
rights abuse and engages in human rights education and 
grassroots popularisation of rights." http://www.crp.org.ng/
Council on Foreign Relations - "Nigeria’s Transition:
From End to Beginning"
By Salih Booker, Darren Kew, and Barnett R. Rubin.
A report of the Council sponsored Conference, Nigeria’s 
Transition: From End to Beginning, January 30, 1998
and Update on Nigeria, March 1999. 

DELTA: News and background on 
Ogoni, Shell
and Nigeria
Background information f rom an advocacy 
group re Shell oil company's operations in
Nigeria. Has a print
newsletter, Delta.  No. 2, Nov. 1996 of the electronic 
version is over 40 pages. The e version lacks the 
drawings/photos/poems in the print edition. 
Based in Leicester, UK. http://www.oneworld.org/
delta/home.html Issue No. 2 is on the McSpotlight
page, an anti-McDonald's, anti big business site. http://www.McSpotlight.org/beyond/delta2_nov96.html

Bob Denard Online
Web site of the former mercenary in Katanga, 
Comores,Angola, Chad,  Biafra. Has very 
slow-loading graphic files
. http://www.bobdenard.com/
Discussion Groups - egroups.com
One can join or read messages from a variety of 
groups relating to Nigeria. http://www.egroups.com/eGroups/Regions_and_
L'Echo des Frontieres. Bulletin R?gional
de suivi des ?changes transfrontaliers 
Academic bulletin, in French, on trade, economic 
relations between Benin, Cameroun, Chad, Niger
, and Nigeria. Has the full text.  "Ce site fait 
partie du r?seau Refer mis en place par 

Edo Nation Online
Official site of the Edo National Association 
in the Americas. "...a forum for all persons 
and groups of Edo ancestry to meet, interact, 
and discuss issues...The Edo National 
Association in the Americas comprises of all
Edo Organizations and Clubs across the 
Americas." Join their discussion group at the
web site. Maintained by Segun Toyin Dawodu. http://www.edo-nation.net
Emeagwali, Philip - 1989 Gordon Bell Prize
Articles, interviews by and about Dr. 
Emeagwali, Nigerian computer scientist/
engineer, who won the 1989 Gordon Bell 
Prize in computer science. "The Gordon Bell 
Prize competition recognizes outstanding
achievements in the application of parallel
processing to practical scientific and 
engineering problems" - Source: 
Carnegie Mellon Computer Science 
Dept. web page. Emeagwali "programmed 
a Cray Connection Machine to arrive at the 
world's fastest computer computation, a record
3.1 billion calculations per second."

Essential Action - Boycott Shell
About Shell and other oil companies operating 
in the Niger Delta. Campaigns for environmental
justice/corporate accountability. See also their
e-mail list: Shell-Nigeria-Action.   http://www.essentialaction.org/shell/ 
Essential Action ? Global Exchange - "Oil
For Nothing: Multinational Corporations, 
Environmental Destruction, Death and 
Impunity in the Niger Delta"
Full text report in html and Adobe .pdf format. 
28 pages. Essential Action, based in Washington,
D.C., was "created to alert activists to current 
international campaigns and activities." http://www.essentialaction.org/shell/report/

Foreign relations of the United States, 
1964-1968. Volume 24, Africa. Editors, Nina 
Davis Howland, David S. Patterson.Washington, 
D.C. : Office of the Historian, U.S. Dept. of 
State, 1999.Full text primary documents 
(letters, telegrams, memoranda, etc.) regarding
U.S. relations with Africa during the Lyndon
B. Johnson administration. Includes the entire 
continent plus Nigeria and other countries. 
(Dept. of State Publication 10627). [KF] http://www.state.gov/www/about_state/

Free Al-Zakzaky!
The Free Al-Zakzaky! campaign works for 
the release of political prisoners in Northern 

Geomatics Nigeria Limited
A Nigerian environmental management and 
remote sensing - GIS company with offices in 
Lagos and Ibadan.  It produces 1:250,000
land use and vegetation maps, state
environmental action plans, and forest 
management plans. Describes its projects 
in hydrogeology, tropical forestry, geotechnical
engineering and environmental management. 

Giblin, James, "Introduction: Diffusion 
and other Problems in the History of 
African States"
Essay covering Asante, the Benin Kingdom,
the Luba and Kuba, the Yoruba and the 
States of Ife and Oyo, by Professor 
Giblin, Department of History, University 
of Iowa in "Art and Life in Africa Online" 
by L. Lee McIntyre and Christopher D. Roy. http://www.uiowa.edu/~africart/toc/history/gib

Global Dialogue (Johannesbrug)- Articles
on Nigeria Full text articles from the journal.
Examples - "Nigeria after Abacha: what hope
for democracy?" (1998), "Nigeria: Whither the
Transition?" (1998), "Nigeria: challenges on 
the road to democracy and economic 
recovery" (1999), "South Africa and Nigeria:
a strategic partnership" (1999). Published by 
the Institute for Global Dialogue, "an
independent South African based non- profit 
organisation with the purpose of promoting i
nternational co-operation between South Africa 
and the countries of the developing South and 
the developed North."http://www.igd.org. za/publications/global_dialogue/africa.html

Global Exchange
Sponsors a spring 2000 speaking tour for 
Jake Gaskia on the Niger Delta and oil 
companies. Global Exchange is a human rights
organization based in San Francisco. http://www.globalexchange.org/education/

Global Road Warrior
Useful information for the business traveler 
or tourist to Nigeria. Has a section on 
using modems and appliances. Based 
on the reference book of the same name 
published by World Trade Press, Novato, 
California. http://wellsfargo.com/inatl/grw/

Gore, Charles - Bibliography on Benin
Dr. Gore, researcher on the Edo Kingdom/
Edo people of Benin City,  has a 40 page 
bibliography on Benin which includes 
journal articles. http://www.cgore.dircon.co.uk

Hausa Home Page
Site from the Univ. of California, Los Angeles 
(UCLA) Dept. of Linguistics with information
on the Hausa language, its history, information
on orthography, a short bibliography, a couple
of sound files for those with sound cards. 
One can join a Hausa mailing list. http://www.humnet.ucla.edu/humnet/aflang
/hausa/hausa.html Hausa-L
E-mail discussion list about the Hausa
language. Hosted by Minnesota State 
University-Akita. To subscribe send e-mail to: majordomo@msua.ac.jp
In the body of the message type only
: subscribe hausa-l your_first_name y

Historical Flags of Nigeria
Maintained by Jaume Olle, from Spain, who 
writes "On most of the States and territories
whose flag appears in these pages, and that 
no longer exist, I possess information in Spanish. Regrettably I can not translate it, but I will 
transmit it to who request it in spanish." http://www.readysoft.es/flags/nigeria.htm
Human Rights Watch - Crack down in the
Niger Delta
Has the full text of the May 1999 report with
a chapter on the 1999 elections. "Written 
by Bronwen Manby, .....based on research 
in the Niger Delta carried out in February 
1999 ......edited by Peter Takirambudde"
and others. http://www.hrw.org/ press/1999/may/nig527.htm

Human Rights Watch - The Price of 
Oil: Corporate Responsibility and 
Human Rights Violations in Nigeria’s
Oil Producing Communities
The full text of a report by Bronwen Manby,
edited by Peter Takirambudde and others.
Published by Human Rights Watch (New 
York, 1999). http://www.hrw.org/hrw/reports
Human  Rights Watch World Report
1999 - Nigeria From the well-known 
New York human rights organization. http://www.hrw.org/hrw/worldreport99

Huri-laws, The Human Rights Law
Service (Lagos)
"...specialist provider of human rights and 
public interest law services in Nigeria. An 
independent, non-profit service, 
HURILAWS advances human rights in 
Nigeria " Works thru legislative advocacy
and legal assistance. Includes the 
Huri-laws Newsletter, news and legal 
actions regarding Nigerian journalists and
human rights victims. http://www.ned.org/grantees/hurilaw/index.

Hyperia - International Network 
Communication, Africa Limited
Nigerian internet service provider in 
Lagos. "Africa Limited is an associate 
to Nigeria's second International carrier
- MOTOPHONE [second to NITEL]. 
INCA obtained an Internet License in 
1997 from the Nigerian Communications
Commission."  http://www.hyperia.com

Discussion list, covers the Igbo language
, culture, literature, etc.To subscribe send 
email to: listproc@mcfeeley.cc.utexas.edu
In the message area put: subscribe igbo--net
Be sure to put two -- between igbo and net.

Ijaw National Congress (USA)
"The Ijaw National Congress is involved in 
the struggle to free the people of the Niger 
Delta, and the Ijaws in particular from 
decades of environmental pollution, 
economic deprivation, and political 
oppression." Based in Flushing, New York. http://www.nigerianext.com/ijaw.html

Ile Orunmila Afrikan Imports
Based in San Bernadino, California. Sells 
musical instruments, Nigerian tapes, palm
kernel nuts, chewing sticks, cowrie shells 
consecrated for divination, Ogboni sash, etc. http://home1.gte.net/orunmila/index.htm 
Inter-Church Coalition on Africa, ICCAF
(Toronto)..a coordinated response by 
Canadian Churches to promote social 
and economic justice in Sub-Saharan Africa.....
Three over-arching themes permeate ICCAF's 
work: Human Rights, Economic Justice, and
theMedia Image of Africans." Has reports 
on Angola, Congo-Kinshasa, Kenya
Nigeria, Sudan, Women's Rights. Offers
free e-mail reports Based in Toronto, Canada. http://www.web.net/~iccaf/

International Boundaries Reseach
Unit, University of Durham
Founded 1989 at the Univ. of Durham 
(UK). Has a keyword searchable News
Database which retrieves articles from the
BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, 
West Africa, Keesings, and other sources
.  Has a discussion list, int-boundaries
and links to related net resources. [KF]  http://www.dur.ac.uk/~dgg0www1/links.html

International Court of Justice. Land 
and Maritime Boundary Between 
Cameroon and Nigeria (Cameroon
v. Nigeria)
Case instituted in 1994, has written and 
oral pleadings, orders, judgments, press
communiques. "On 30 June 1999 Equatorial
Guinea filed an Application for permission 
to intervene in the .....case. It stated that 
the purpose of its intervention was "to
protect [its] legal rights in the Gulf of Guinea." http://www.icj-cij.org/icjwww/idocket/icn
Internet  Society - Nigeria Chapter
Based in Port Harcourt. Has some full text
papers from its 20-22 January 1999
conference, "Internet: Information Revolution
in the Third Millennium."  E-mail: isocinfo@isocnig.org.nghttp://www.

Jaghbub Font Package (Yoruba on
a Mac) Fonts designed for typing 
Arabic on a Macintosh; but they can also
be used to type Yoruba on a Mac. From
the Univ. of Bergen (Norway) Centre for
Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. http://www.hf-fak.uib.no/Institutter/smi/

G. I. Jones Photographic Archive of 
Southeastern Nigerian Art and Culture
Photographs taken in the 1930s by the
late Gwilym Iwan Jones, Dept. of Social 
Anthropology, Cambridge Univ., on a web
site produced by Southern Illinois Univ.
anthropology professor, John C. McCall. 
Depicts the art and culture of the Ibibio,
Igbo, Ijo, and Ogoni speaking poeple 
(Nigeria). Includes links to Nigeria and Igbo
sites and McCall's course syllabi. http://www.siu.edu/~anthro/mccall/jones/

Joseph, Richard, "Nigeria: Inside 
the Dismal Tunnel"
"Nigeria first entered. . .'the dismal tunnel'
on January 15, 1966, when the military 
overthrew all the institutions of a 
democratically elected government. . . If
there is light at the end of [this] tunnel, it is i
mperceptible to anyone not paid to see it." 8 
page article in the May 1996 issues of 
Current History. http://www.currenthistory.

Kingdoms of the Medieval Sudan
An introduction to the history of Sudanic 
Africa (the states of Songhay,
Kanem-Bornu, and Hausaland.) 
Discusses trade and Islam. Photographs
by Lucy Johnson illustrate - Images of 
Islam (Grand Mosque at Jenne), River 
Scenes, Daily Life, The Dogon, Traditions 
and Beliefs, The Desert. Has multiple-choice
tests. Project arises from a Andrew W.
Mellon Foundation grant to Xavier 
University's Center for the Advancement 
of Teaching (New Orleans, LA). Site by J. Rotondo-McCord.   http://www.xula.edu/~jrotondo/Kingdoms/

Korieh, Chima Jacob, "Widowhood 
Among the Igbo of Eastern Nigeria"
The full-text of Mr. Korieh's history master's 
thesis from the Univ. of Bergen, Norway, 1996. http://www.uib.no/hi/korieh/chima.html 

Kudirat Institute for Nigerian Democracy
Established in memory of Kudirat Abiola,
late wife of imprisoned President-elect, M.
K. O. Abiola, to foster civil society and 
democracy in Nigeria. Has a biography of
Mrs. Abiola, photos of M.K.O. Abiola. 
Site maintained by Hafsat Abiola, daughter
of Kudirat and M.K.O. Abiola. http://www
.igc.org/kind/Page is linked to the 
Friends of Nigeria network started 
at Harvard University.

Has a business directory, discussion forums, 
articles on the April 1999 World Youth 
Soccer Championship, many links do 
not work. Maintained by Adex Communi
cations. http://www.lagos-online.com

Lagos State
Official Site. Has a Lagos State Business 
Directory and information on government 
officials (with biographies), investment,
communications and the media, tourism,
history, culture, etc. http://www.lagosstate.

Liberty(Lagos, Nigeria)
Quarterly journal of the Civil Liberties 
Organisation (Nigeria) A selection of 
full-text articles. Hosted on the web site 
of the National Endowment for Democracy
(Wash. D.C.). http://www.ned.org/grantees/clo/index.html

Library of Congress Country/
Area Studies Handbooks
Has the full-text of the Army Area 
Handbooks long used as basic reference
sources. Information on the history, society, 
economy, politics, national security of each
country. Covers Nigeria. One can search 
across all countries or any combination of
countries and browse the table of contents
for a specific country. http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/ngtoc.html
Internet service provider in Lagos. http://www.linkserve.net


Abati, Reuben
Articles on Nigerian affairs, events through
out Africa, reviews of books by Abati who 
won the 1998 Nigerian Media Merit Award,
Cecil King Memorial Prize for the Print 
Journalistof the Year. He is a member 
of the editorial board of The Guardian
(Lagos) newpaper. Includes the "
Killings Fields of Niger Delta."

Adire African Textiles - Duncan Clarke
History, background, and photographs of
adire, adinkra, kente, bogolan, Yoruba 
aso-oke, akwete, ewe, kuba, and nupe 
textiles. The symbolism of images is often
provided.One can purchase textiles as
well. Clarke's Ph.D. dissertation (School of 
Oriental and African Studies) is on 
Yoruba men's weaving. Based in London. http://www.adire.clara.net

Africa Business Information Services
"...information and analysis on business 
and economics in Africa." ABIS "aims 
to help companies and individuals come 
to a better understanding of African
economies and
make decisions about them." Includes 
articles on political development, the 
section Nigeria Business Information,
a special report on Nigeria's leading banks
by reporters from the Vanguard
newspaper (Nigeria), "The Way Forward
for Africa" by 
A. Bolaji Akinyemi, "Slave Trade, a Root 
of Contemporary African Crisis", by ABIS 
director, Tunde Obadina,
important dates in Nigerian history,
etc. Based in the U.K.

Africa Fund (New York)"Founded in 1966
by the American Committee on Africa, the
Africa Fund works for a positive U.S. policy
towards Africa and supports human rights, 
democracy and development." Includes
Action Alerts on Nigeria, Mauritania, 
Mozambique, women, children, etc. http://www.theafricafund.org

African Information Society Initiative
A program of the U.N. Economic 
Commission for Africa to build Africa's 
information and communications 
infrastructure, adopted in May 1996.
Includes a survey of information policy 
in Africa (going back to the 1960s) and a 
1996 case study - Alabi, G. Al, "
Empowering Socio-Economic 
Development in Africa, Utilizing 
Information Technology, 
A Critical Examination of the Social, 
Economic, Technical and Policy issues
in Nigeria". 76 pages. Nigeria case study: http://www.bellanet.org/partners/aisi/policy/

African Music Archive
The archive at the Institute of Ethnology 
and African Studies, Johannes-Gutenberg-University, 
Mainz, Germany, has a collection of
modern African popular music recordings 
and videos. Has 
a history of its 716 recordings from Sierra
Leone, Ghana, Zaire, Nigeria and other 
countries. Has links to other African music
musician, and ethnomusicology sites 
and information on courses offered. [KF] http://www.uni-mainz.de/~bender

A directory service. Has a Yoruba language 
page, a Niger Delta page with press releases
from the Ijaw Youth Council, photos of 
environmental damage in the Delta. Their 
Nigeria page, has part? of the 
1999 constitution, photos of Nigerian 
football, an audio file of the national anthem
. Based in Norway, established
in 1998 by Anthony Adebayo Martins, 
Dele Olawole nd Orevaoghene C. Obaro." http://www.africaservice.com

Agricola (National Agricultural Library)
Search their database for citations to books, 
serials, journal articles, book chapters, reports.
 "The database covers materials dating from
the 16th
century to the present." The records cover 
...agriculture and allied disciplines, including 
plant and animal sciences, forestry, entomology, 
soil and water resources, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, agricultural products, 
alternative farming practices, and food and
nutrition. Auxiliary subjects that support NAL's Information Center activities, such as 
agricultural trade and marketing, rural 
information, and animal welfare, are also
included." For example one can locate 
citations to articles on cocoa in Nigeria. http://www.nal.usda.gov/ag98/ag98.html
Aids in NigeriaAn e-bulletin from 
Journalists Against AIDS (JAAIDS) 
Nigeria. Approx. one issue a month is sent 
out by e-mail. Contact: Journalists Against AIDS(JAAIDS) Nigeria,Box 56282,
Falomo,Lagos, Nigeria Email: 

Amnesty International, Leicester, UK - 
Rebecca Ikpe - Prisoner of Conscience
The case of Ikpe of whom "The main reason
for her arrest seems to be her relationship
to her brother-in-law Colonel R.S.B. 
Bello-Fadile, a legal advisor to the 
Government..." who was accused of 
involvement in an alleged coup-plot. 
Has links to Nigeria human rights sites. http://home.clara.net/pka/ai/ikpe.htm

Arinze, Cardinal Francis
Cardinal Arinze is on a short list of candidates
to succeed Pope John Paul II. He is President 
of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for 
Interreligious Dialogue.

Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
ACAS is an organization of scholars concerned 
with the policies of the U.S. govt. towards Africa, developing action networks with African 
scholars, and mobilizing support in the U.S. 
on issues related to Africa. Their web site 
includes addresses for key Senate and House
members and information on Ken Saro-Wiwa. http://www.prairienet.org/acas/

Association of Nigerian Scholars 
for Dialogue
"...founded by expatriate Nigerian scholars
who are currently resident in North America. 
Its important objective is to provide some 
platform for these Nigerian intellectuals, 
many of whom have been compelled to 
leave their home universities, to make some 
meaningful contribution towards 
resolving Nigeria's difficult problems 
of governance." Has press releases, Report of
the Wilberforce Conference on Nigerian 
Federalism (1997), the full text of important
documents whicih are also found under debates. http://NigerianScholars.AfricanQueen.com 

Azikiwe, Dr. Nnamdi
An account, in four parts of the life of 
Nigeria's first President, by Dr. Donal Brody, 
antiquarian bookseller. Has historical 
photographs of Azikiwe. For links to 
Parts 2-4 see: http://www.greatepicbooks
Azikiwe, Nnamdi - USAfricaOnline
- Nigerian of the Centurey
From the Houston, Texas newspaper
published by Chido Nwangwu. http://www.usafricaonline.com/

Teaser.GIF (298 bytes)
Water lilies doubles in area everyday.
It took two years to cover half the pond.
How long would it take to cover the whole pond?
send your answers to

Quote.GIF (504 bytes)
"The essence of life is to live till the end. The end itself could be the beginning of life;
For death itself is a part of life
But we shall all live till we die."
Mail Scam
1996 Press release from the Connecticut 
Attorney General regarding Nigerian mail
scam. http://www.
Maryland State Senate Bill on 
Nigerian Sanctions
Maryland State legislature's page on a state
bill forsanctions against Nigeria. http://mlis.
Media Rights Agenda
"...an independent, non-governmental
organisation established for the purpose 
of promoting and 
protecting press freedom and freedom of 
expression in Nigeria." Publishes 
Media Rights Monitor
"monthly newsletter that tracks media law, 
reportorial bias, attacks on journalists...". 
Online are some Print and Airwaves 
full text of A Mountain Still to Climb: Censorship
and Democratic Transition in Nigeria , a bulletin,
Democracy Watch. Based in Lagos. Site hosted 
by Internews Network. http://www.internews.
Mother Jones - Leica Documentary
Photography Exhibition 
The magazine, Mother Jones, honored 8
work June 5, 1997. Winners included Peter Magubane
of South Africa for his "Images of the Soweto Student 
Uprising, 1976" and Paul Oloko of Nigeria for his
"Children Under Pressure" on street children.
Motherland Nigeria - Olubunmi O
Extensive information on Nigeria - foods recipes,
dress, national anthem, languages, school life, music
(with audio files), history, Nigerian humor, links to other
sites. Has a Kid Zone with stories, proverbs, 
games, pictures, artwork, tourist attractions in Nigeria.
By Olubunmi "Boomie", a Nigerian programmer
analyst working in Minneapolis, MN.
She grew up in Nigeria and the Midwest U.S. 
Museum Security Network 
Site for information on threats to the world's museums. 
Use the Search form to locate articles on
Nigeria such as articles on the theft of Benin bronzes.
http://museum-security.org/ or
E-mail list with news about Nigeria from Nigerian
newspapers, Reuters, etc. Join at the web site: 
Discussion list on Nigeria. To subscribe,
send e-mail to: istserv@mitvma.mit.edu
Leave the Subject area blank.
In the message area, put: subscribe 
NAIJANET YourFirstName LastName
For a past messages on Naijanet, see: 
E-mail list for news about Nigeria. To subscribe,
send e-mail to: naijanews-request@
In the message area put: subscribe naijanews 
For problems contact: owner-naijanews@
Or subscribe at: http://www.egroups.
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National Archives of Nigeria, Enugu Branch
- Guides, Indices ? Finding Aids, by U.O.A. 
Esse, Chief Archivist
Contains the following reference works:
(1) Guide to the Sources of Nigerian History
at the National Archives of Nigeria, Enugu (1991)
(2) A General Reference Index to the Records 
at the National Archives, Enugu (1991)
(3) Special List of General Reports (Administrative 
and Departmental) in the National Archives, 
Enugu, 1900-1956 (1988) 
4) An Index to Intelligence Reports, Anthropological
Reports, Assessment Reports and Re-organisation 
Reports in the National Archives, Enugu (1992)
(5) Descriptive Index to Records Relating to the 
Economic History of Nigeria 1900-1965 (1993) 
(6) Descriptive Index to Records Relating to the
Military History of Nigeria (1993). 
On the website of the Center for Modern Oriental
Studies, Berlin, Germany.
National Association of Yoruba Descendants in
North America - Egbe Omo Yoruba
Based in Washington, D.C. Lists its chapters in various
cities. Includes a history of the Yoruba, culture
(names and naming ceremony, weddings, funerals), 
traditional and western education, etc.
See also the site for its Washington, D.C. chapter,
Egbe Isokan Yoruba, Washington, D.C.
National Endowment for Democracy -
The 1999 Elections and the Future of Nigeria 
Report of a 1999 conference whose sessions included 
"Assessing the Elections: How Free and Fair?"; 
and "Prospects for Democracy in Nigeria." 
Includes the acceptance speech of Clement 
Nwankwo on behalf ot Nigeria's Transition 
Monitoring Group which won the NED 1999 
Democracy Award. 
National Endowment for Democracy - 
Nigeria's Political Crisis: Which Way Forward? 
Report (12 pp.) of a one day conference in 
1994 by the International Forum for Democratic
Studies (Washington, D.C.). Report by by
Larry Diamond and David G. Timberman. 
National Library of Nigeria
Nigeria's national library based in Abuja, Federal
Capital Territory. http://www.nlbn.org/
NetNigeria.com - News Service
Free e-mail news service, provides "a brief and 
concise summary of the news and events currently
happening in Nigeria." To subscribe, send email to
netnigeria-subscribe@topica.com Hosts six 
discussion forums (politics, technology, business, 
culture, sports, jokes) and offers website design
and hosting. Based in London.
Nigeria Business Information
Part of Africa Business Information Services "
...information and analysis on business and 
economics in Africa." ABIS "aims to help companies 
and individuals come to a better understanding of 
African economies and make decisions about them
." Includes articles on political development, a 
special report on Nigeria's leading banks by reporters
from the Vanguard newspaper (Nigeria), 
"The Way Forward for Africa" by A. Bolaji Akinyemi,
important dates in Nigerian history, etc. 
Based in the U.K. The director is Tunde Obadina.
One needs to register (basic membership is free), in 
order to access the site. "Premium areas like
LearningSpace University and Business Procurements
require additional membership fees."
"Nigeria.Com is run by a private company, 
Tridas International Ltd, that has offices in Nigeria, 
UK, and America. Tridas International Ltd, is not 
affiliated to any government organisation..
." Carries news, company directory, discussion areas, etc..
Some sections ask for registration even if you have 
registered. http://www.nigeria.com/
Nigeria. Constitution 1999
Part of the new constitution. From Chuck Odili's
excellent Nigeria site. http://www.odili.net/republic/
Nigeria. Constitution 1999
Part of the new constitution. On the site of 
the Association of Nigerian Scholars for Dialogue. http://nigerianscholars.africanqueen.com/debates/
Nigeria. Consulate General
(Johannesburg, South Africa)
Has a country profile, investor information,
info on visas to work in Nigeria, etc. 
Nigeria Democracy and Governance Program
Johns Hopkins University Population
Communication Services (JHU/PCS) in 
collaboration with the Center for Development 
and Population Activities (CEDPA) works with 
16 Nigerian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) 
to promote women’s empowerment and 
participation in politics.
Nigeria - Email to 
Information on email providers in Nigeria.
Maintained by Mallam Shehu Oguocha, 
a graduate student at the Univ. of Saskatchewan 
(Canada) Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.
Nigeria Human Rights Page - Lacabe 
Reports on the current situation in Nigeria 
and other countries. Many links to information 
on human rights in Nigeria. Pages by Margarita 
and Mike Lacabe. http://www.derechos.org/
Nigeria Page -
Nigeria Internet Group
"a non Governmental organisation with the 
mission statement of promoting and facilitating
full access to the Internet in Nigeria." 
Nigeria Media Monitor
A weekly digest of events (especially threats to
freedom of information) affecting the 
Nigerian news media (newspapers, TV,
broadcasting).  Published by the Independent
Journalism Centre in Lagos, Nigeria. 
Has a keyword searchable database. 
Nigerian News Network
Read current daily news on their web site o
r receive news about Nigeria by email 
(3x week) by writing to: referals@nigerianews.net
Has aBirthday Greetings Message 
Board for Nigerians. http://www.nigerianews.net
Nigeria Nexus
Current news, background material and press 
coverage on political issues in Nigeria. Reports 
on the political transition, ECOMOG, Niger
Delta events, the economy, status of the
independent media by Mark Frohardt and Eric 
Johnson. From Internews, an international 
non-profit based in California. 
Nigeria Peace Centre
Established by the Strategic Empowerment 
and Mediation Agency (SEMA) in Kaduna 
South, Nigeria. Publishes The Peacemaker,
latest issue Aug. 1998. http://www.ned.org
Nigeria. Presidency. National Orientation
and Public Affairs (NOPA), Abuja
Official government site. "Our mission is the
creation of a new Nigeria where all the negative 
values in our country are reversed and in their
place are established enobling values of a caring,
well-governed society where justice and equity
reign." Has Presidential speeches including the 
inaugural speech by President Obasanjo following 
his swearing-in as President of Nigeria 29th May, 
1999. Once can receive press releases and Bulletins
by e-mail. http://www.nopa.net
Nigeria President's E-mail Address:
Nigeria-Stanford Educational Resources
Organization, NS-ERO
A student organization at Stanford University 
founded in 1998. Their Accelerated
Educational Technology
Initiative (AETI) collects and ships used
and new computer equipment and software to
Nigerian higher education institutions. 
They also present talks and other programs
about Nigeria. http://www.stanford.edu/group/NS-ERO
Nigeria Watch 
This page ceased July 22, 1997 due to lack of funds,
was from Marek Enterprise, Inc. 
(who also sponsor the New Congo Net).
A Nigeria mega web site with every possible topic,
political groups, social groups, publications, 
education, sports, email/internet service
providers, art, music, culture, weather, etc.
has lots of graphics. Links to the home pages of
Naijanet members. Created by
Chuck E. Odili. http://odili.net/nigeria.html 
Nigeria Yellow Web Pages
Search by city, state, classification, or company name. 
Hosted by Lagos ISP Ross Clayton. 
Nigerian Affairs Newsletter (East Orange, NJ)
E-newsletter with articles on Nigerian politics.
Maintained by Ndiribe A. A. Ndiribe of 
Strategies International Ltd. in East Orange, NJ. 
Nigerian Business Galleria 
Lists the states and their capitals, has a directory 
of Nigerian universities with email addresses, 
diplomatic missions, federal government institutions, 
city phone area codes, a list of Lagos newspapers and
journals, federal budget information, biographies 
of leaders up to 1966. The business center covers
real estate, import/export information, a bank 
directory, chambers of commerce, professional 
organizations, the Nigerian stock exchange, 
U.S.-Nigeria economic relations.
Has hotel and air travel information, music CDs for sale,
an art gallery, community (mainly Calif.) announcements,
and more.From NewJan Communications, Los Angeles.
Nigerian Communications Commission
"is the Regulatory Authority for the telecommunications
industry in Nigeria." Has the text of the Telecom 
Act, a directory of telecom / internet providers,
information on Afrinet 1999 and 2000. 
Nigerian Democratic Movement 
Has issues of its online abbreviated ed. 
of Oppression Watch for 1995-96,
Nos. 8-15, articles from the media by Soyinka, 
Claude Ake and others, links to other
pro-democracy Nigerian organizations such as the
Campaign for Democracy - http://www.cldc.howard
Has reports on Nigeria from US, UK sources, 
will have issues of an NDM online quarterly, 
Nigerian Democrat. NDM posts information 
on the newsgroup - soc.culture.nigeria
Nigerian Pidgin Sayings 
"Some pidgin sayings and their translations"
by Gaga Ekeh. On the home page of a
graduate student at Univ. of Pennsylvania, 
Omolola Ogunyemi.
Nigerian Professional Network
An organization for young and aspiring 
professionals of Nigerian descent who reside
in the U.S. Founded in 1998. "...membership 
[is] restricted to third and final year college 
students and professionals up to the age of 
35 years..." Has a mailing list. 
Nigerian Yoruba Naming Ceremony
in the Washington, D.C. Area 
From the Smithsonian Institution's African 
Immigrant Folklife Study Project. Includes 
Yoruba names and their meanings, Nigerian recipes, etc. http://www.si.edu/folklife/vfest/africa/start.htm 
Nigeria's Next Generation Movement
The Movement "is comprised of modern,
post 1955 generation Nigerians." It has 
Wole Soyinka's Jan. 1, 1999 address
a page by the Ijaw National Congress USA
(INCUSA). The contact address is based in 
Texas. http://www.nigerianext.com/
Obi, Cyril - "Oil, Environmental Conflict 
and National Security in Nigeria:
Ramifications of the Ecology-Security 
Nexus for Sub-Regional Peace"
Full text paper in Adobe .pdf format. 24 pp.
(Program in Arms Control, Disarmament, and
International Security, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-
Champaign, Occasional Paper 1, 1996). http://acdisweb.acdis.uiuc.edu/homepage_docs/pubs
Okri, Ben 
Page about Nigerian writer, Ben Okri. 
Biography, bibliography of his works, 
criticism, links to the Amazon.com pages
which contain reviews. Maintained by 
Robert Bennett, Dept. of English, 
Univ. of California, Santa Barbara.
Pace Virtual Environmental Law Library 
Has the text of Nigerian environmental laws
pertaining to hazardous substances, land use, 
cultural resources, seas, fish, fisheries, etc. 
Law materials are provided by Mike C. 
Anibogu, Solicitor of the Supreme 
Court of Nigeria. Site maintained by 
Robert J. Goldstein, Senior Fellow,
Pace University School of Law 
(White Plains, N.Y.).Main site:
Nigeria: http://www.law.pace.edu/env/nigerian.html
Pacifica Radio, "Democracy Now" - 
Niger Delta and Oil Companies
On the July 3, 1999 hearing on Nigeria by
the Africa Subcommittee, United States 
House of Represtatives. Audio tape
(requires Real Player, sound card, speakers)
of interviews with Congressional 
Representative, Cynthia McKinney 
and Bronwen Manby, Africa Division, 
Human Rights Watch. Concerns the 
role of Chevron in the Niger 
Delta. http://www.webactive.com/pacifica/
Pacifica Radio - Democracy Now! - "
Voices from the Nigerian Resistance"
This FM radio station, based in North 
Hollywood, CA, received journalism awards
for an expose entitled "Drilling and Killing: 
Chevron and Nigeria's Oil Dictatorship." http://www.pacifica.org/about/history/index.html
PoliSci.com - Nigeria Page
Basic facts, government information. 
From the print annual, Political Reference
Almanac (Keynote Publishing, Arlington, VA). http://www.polisci.com/world/nation/NI.htm
Ralph Proctor Art Gallery - 
Nigerian Traditional Artifacts
Exhibit August 1 through October 31, 1998.
Public Broadcasting Corporation - 
Jim Lehrer News Hour 
Has transcripts of the TV broadcast stories
from on Nigeria. For those with sound cards
has a RealAudio version as well. Has a 
keyword search facility for the entire site. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/africa/africa.html 
RMS Media Services
"RMS Media Services provides Nigerian
media and advertisers with extensive, reliable
data on media habits, product consumption, and 
political opinion in Nigeria." Has full text reports:
"Acceptance Of Sharia Law In Nigeria"
"Media Habits of Nigerian Decision Makers" -
examines "how leaders of all the major private
and public sectors in the six economic centers 
of Nigeria use the print and broadcast media
for information.""Nigerian Consumption
Habits: Durables and Product ? Brand Usage
"Kiddies Media: Media Habits of Nigerian Youth
Their "Niger-Bus" is a survey of Nigerian 
public opinion. Hosted by Internews Network. http://www.internews.org/rmsmedia/
Saint Lawrence University - African 
Arts: Into the Next Millenium
"For the academic year 1999-2000
St. Lawrence University (Canton, NY) is 
sponsoring a program that will illuminate and
celebrate....achievements in African arts." 
Featured lecturers are Ulli Beier, Okwui Enwezor,
Chinua Achebe, and Wole Soyinka. The university
gallery will exhibit textiles and the work of Ada
Udechukwu. http://it.stlawu.edu/~art/aafestival/
Saro-Wiwa, Ken and
Ken Saro-Wiwa, a Nigerian writer, human 
rights activist and leader of the Movement for
the Survival of the Ogoni People, was arrested
May 1994 by the Nigerian govt. 
On Nov. 10, 1995 Mr. Saro-Wiwa and
eight co-activists were hanged by the Sani 
Abacha military govt.. Nigeria was suspended 
from membership in the Commonwealth
and ambassadors from numerous countries
accredited to Nigeria were recalled. 
For information see: 
Association of Concerned African Scholars - http://www.prairienet.org/acas/siro.html 
Greenpeace Ken Saro-Wiwa Page
Has press releases, news articles, reports. http://www.greenpeace.org/~comms/ken/ 
Movement for the Survival of Ogoni 
People (MOSOP)
Based in London.
Movement for the Survival..
..MOSOP Canada (Toronto) -
Pacifica Radio , November 10, 1998, 
Execution Anniversary of Nigerian
Activist Ken Saro-Wiwa.
Project Underground - promotes a 
boycott of Shell. Information on Saro-
Wiwa and protests against oil companies
in Nigeria. Has a newsletter, Drillbits ? Tailings.
Based in Berkeley, California. http://www.
Shell-UK on the Web - an anti-Shell site - 
Sierra Club - Nigeria and Ken Saro-Wiwa - http://www.sierraclub.org/human%2
Students for Peace (Miami Univ., Ohio) - http://muc.muohio.edu/~sfp/teachins
Schomburg Center for Research 
in Black Culture 
The well-known branch of the New 
York Public Library devoted to the history,
society, and culture of people of African 
descent has an online exhibition,
Images of African-Americans from the 19th 
Century, includes photographs of diplomats 
to Liberia and Bishop Sameul A. Crowther
first African Anglican bishop. [KF]
Shell-Nigeria-Action email list 
Email list to discuss the Shell oil company's
operations in Nigeria. Seeks "to support 
increased grassroots action to pressure
Shell to act responsibly, to support the 
Ogoni struggle and to bring democracy to Nigeria." 
To subscribe to the list, send email to
: listproc@essential.org
Leave the Subject line blank. In the 
Message area put: subscribe Shell-Nigeria-
Action YourFirstName LastName
To unsubscribe, send email to:
In the Message area put: unsubscribe 
For problems contact: action@essential.org 
Past messages to the list are at: 
Siebert, Uwe - Bibliography on Minority
and/or Endangered Languages in Nigeria 
1998.This is actually more like a table of 
contents for several monographs: Teaching 
Nigerian Languages: Experiences from the
Delta, Multilingualism and Language Policy
in Nigeria, Issues in African Languages and 
Linguistics: Essays in Honor of Kay Williamson,
and Nigerian Language Studies 1. On the 
Terralingua site.http://cougar.ucdavis.edu/nas/terralin/
Smithsonian National Museum of
Natural History - African Voices
Site for a permanent exhibit at the Museum 
in Washington, D.C. Attractive site featuring, in 
the Focus Gallery, master sculptor Lamidi
Fakeye, a history moving timeline, society,
metalworking, clay pottery and a master
potter, an annotated bibliography. Uses Flash
software; some captions are difficult to read. http://www.mnh.si.edu/africanvoices/
Usenet discussion group on Nigeria. 
The email list, Naijanet, is gatewayed 
to this discussion group. Reuters news stories
on Nigeria occasionally appear in this group
under the subject heading - Labarun Nijeriya 
or under News Dump. 
Moderated Usenet discussion group on Eastern 
Nigeria, Ibo history, politics, and society. 
Soyinka, Wole - First Lecture in Nigeria
The full text of Soyinka's lecture after returning
from exile. From the Johannesburg newspaper, 
Mail ? Guardian, Oct. 28, 1998. http://www.mg.co.za/mg/news/98oct2/28oc-
Soyinka, Wole - Nobel Foundation 
(Stockholm, Sweden)
Official site. Has the press release from the 
Swedish Academy announcing the 1986
Nobel Prize in Literature, a biography, 
and the full text of Soyinka's Nobel lecture, 
Dec. 8, 1986, "This Past Must Address its Present." http://www.nobel.se/laureates/literature-1986.html
Soyinka, Wole - Nobel Prize Internet Archive 
Not an official site. For Wole Soyinka has a
photo, biography (which is not up-to-date),
an excerpt from his work, results of an Alta Vista search
, and any links about the person added by visitors to
the site. Has a link to the official Nobel Foundation
site and his 1986 Nobel lecture.. http://www.almaz.com/nobel/literature/1986a.html 
Soyinka, Wole - Stanford Presidential 
Lectures ? Symposia
Biographical information, a bibliography, 
excerpts from his books, from interviews 
with Soyinka, and from reviews of his books,
and links to internet resources on Soyinka. 
Prepared by William McPheron, Curator for 
American/British Literature, Stanford University 
Library. Information on Soyinka's Nov. 30 and
Dec. 1, 1998 lectures is at:
Main page: http://prelectur.stanford.edu/lecturers/
Soyinka, Wole - "Writing, Theatre Arts, 
and Political Activism"
A 1998 interview with Soyinka - his childhood, 
Yoruba culture, theatre, political imprisonment and 
activism. Part of the Conversations with History series
from the Institute of International Studies, Univ. of
California, Berkeley. http://globetrotter.berkeley.
Speak Out
Non-profit progressive speakers' bureau. 
Has speakers on environmental issues in Nigeria,
Southern Africa, and Africa in general
Based in Emeryville,  California.
Sustainable Energy ? Economy Network - 
Kucinich Letter
"Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is 
currently circulating a letter in Congress 
requesting hearings on the role of Chevron and 
other U.S. multinationals in human rights abuses 
in the countries they operate"..March 5, 1999. 
Hosted by SEEN. http://www.seen.org/kucinich1.html
Tell Magazine (Ikeja)
Web site for the weekly print independent news 
magazine. Pub. by TELL Communications Limited, 
Ikeja, Nigeria. http://www.tell.org
Tinubu, Senator Bola
Chief Bola Tinubu of the Alliance for Democracy 
(AD) won over 70% of the vote January 1999 to 
become the governor-elect in Lagos State. 
Includes the Alliance for Democracy platform.
A "trial," held on the streets of London, of 
Pres. Obasanjo for actions by the Nigerian government
against the peoples of the Niger Delta region. Has links
to related sites about oil company actions in Nigeria. 
Produced by DELTA: News and background on 
Ogoni, Shell and Nigeria (Leicester, U.K.). http://www.oilcompanies.org/trial/
Turner, Terisa E. with Craig Benjamin, Leigh
Brownhill and Wahu Kaara - Counterplanning 
From the Commons: African Women, Democracy
and the Defence of the Life Ground
Contains nine full text articles including 
Oil Workers and Oil Communities in Africa: 
Nigerian Women and Grassroots Environmentalism
Life In Hell (Comic Strip on colonialism, 
multinational oil companies, 
Nigerian women's struggles)
Women and the Multilateral Agreement 
on Investments," and "The Strange Fruit of 
Corporarate Concentration (includes the 
Ogoni struggle)Stop Oil From Nigeria: Sanctions,
Human Rights and Canada's Foreign Policy
Women's uprisings against the Nigerian oil
industry in the 1980s
Udogu, E. Ike, "Towards Nigeria's
Forthcoming Republic"
Full-text article in the June 1997 issue of 
Makerere Political Science Review (Department o
f Political Science ? Public Adminsitration, 
Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.)   http://www.afrst.uiuc.edu/Makerere/index.htm
United Democratic Front of Nigeria
Official site, has communiques, press releases,
full-text articles including many by Wole Soyinka,
Chairman of UDFN, transcripts from Radio 
Kudirat, letters from the late Chief M.K.O. Abiola,
etc.  Their goal - "To uphold the democratic 
mandate given by the Nigerian nation on June 12, 1993. 
To remove the terrorist regime of Sanni Abacha and, in
collaboration with other progressive, democratic bodies,
restructure the political and economic framework of 
Nigeria, and end military intervention in national 
politics for all time."  [KF] http://www.udfn.com/
United Kingdom. Parliament. House of Commons
Search the House of Commons Hansard (debates) 
for references to Nigeria from 1988/89 to date. 
Examples include Memorandum submitted by the 
Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People 
(MOSOP), comment (9 June 1999) by Bernie 
Grant on debt relief for Liberia, Nigeria, Somalia
and Sudan.http://www.parliament.the-stationery
Also has Select Committee reports on foreign affairs: http://www.parliament.the-stationery-office.co
United Kingdom. Parliament. House of Lords
Has the Hansard from 10th June 1996 to date.
Examples - speech of Baroness Chalker of
Wallasey, Jan. 12, 2000 on Nigeria. http://www.parliament.the-stationery-office
United Nations, High Commissioner for 
Refugees, REFWORLD 
Has a Nigeria country report, a Newswire Service
search facility to locate current wire stories from 
AP, UPI, Reuters, Excite Newstracker. 
Has the full text of speeches (since February 1992) 
by the High Commissioner. The full REFWORLD is 
a cd-rom database which costs $900 for a single 
user; some libraries may have this. 
Search facility: 
Nigeria Country Reports: 
Main site: http://www.unhcr.ch/ 
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. 
World Factbook - Nigeria
Information on geography, people, government, 
economy, transportation, communication, defense, etc. http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/ni.html
U.S. Congress 
Thomas, U.S. Legislative Information, is a great 
resource. Search the full text of the U.S.
Congressional Record (similar to parliamentary
proceedings or debates) and find Congressional 
legislation. Has, for ex, the full text March 8, 1999
testimony by Senator Russell Feingold, Democrat 
from Wisconsin on the 1999 Nigerian election
Also links to the Senate and House sites such as 
the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. 
Purdue Univ. Libraries, GPO Access on the Web,
provides keyword search access to the full-text of the 
U.S. Congressional Record, 1994 + , 
the U.S. Federal Register, 1994 + (similar to the
Government Gazette in other countries), 
Congressional Bills 1993/94 + and other 
US. government documents.
U.S. Department of Justice. Foreign Agents
Registration Act. Semi-annual Report.
Lists for individuals or companies "engaging in political 
activities for or on behalf of foreign governments,
foreign political parties and other foreign principals.
" Includes a report on Nigeria. See the FARA First 
Semi-Annual Report and Second Semi-Annual Report.
[KF] http://www.usdoj.gov/criminal/fara/ 
U.S. Department of State. Report on Human
Rights Practices - Nigeria. 
1999 Report, 1998 Report, 1997 Report, 
1996: http://www.state.gov/www/global/human_
1995, 1994, 1993 Reports: http://www.state.gov/www/global/human_rights/hrp
United States. Embassy. Lagos
Visa information, press releases re Nigeria and U.S. relations, articles from Crossroads, the Embassy newsletter, links to travel warnings, the Fulbright fellowship program, etc. http://usembassy.state.gov/lagos/
United States. Energy Information Administration. Country Analysis Brief on Nigeria 
Information on Nigerian oil, natural gas, electricity and coal. Has an economic, energy, and environment overview and a political profile of the last two years for Nigeria. See also the Energy Data page at: http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/international/nigeria.html
U.S. Strategic Studies Institute
The SSI is part of the U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA. Has the full-text in Adobe .pdf format, ASCII, or WordPerfect 5.1 of studies on sub-Saharan Africa. Topics include The African Crisis Response, Military Medical Operations in Sub-Saharan Africa, Armies and Democracy...Nigeria and South Africa. http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usassi/welcome.htm
University of Ibadan
Official site. http://www.ui.edu.ng
University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria
The University of Jos' official mirror site in the U.S. Has an e-mail users directory, information on the university, photographs, etc. http://intlinet.lib.uiowa.edu/unijos/index.htm
University of Jos Project
Cliff Missen from the University of Iowa spent September 1998 through July 1999 at the University of Jos as a Fulbright Scholar, teaching about computers, networking, and the Internet. His project assisted "with establishing Internet connectivity, setting up the university's first local area network, training technicians, and teaching about multimedia while digitizing materials for the World Wide Web." http://intlinet.lib.uiowa.edu/josproject



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